Anti-frizz treatment for unruly hair.

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Actyva treatment Kemon discipline

Key ingredients: almond and peach oil.

Frizzy hair is characterized by its difficulty to control, opacity and roughness to the touch.

Smooth style:People who choose the smooth hairstyle are forced to frequent or daily use of the iron running the risk of causing a vicious circle that damages the hair depriving it of its natural hydration.

Natural style:to get a natural hairstyle, mark curl, waves or casual, very moisturizing products are usually used that cake and provide fat to the scalp and hair.

In the 2 cases, the main thing is to maintain and facilitate the hairstyle. For this Actyva proposes discipline, a line that contains several products formulated to discipline frizzy and rebellious hair.

Discipline acts on the cuticles maintaining uniformity. Glyoxylic together with hyaluronic acid,forms a hydro elastic film on the surface of the hair, maintaining hydration.

Almond oil nourishes the hair by providing discipline and softness.

Peach oil has a protective and antioxidant effect.

The emollient actives wrap the hair with a shiny film, giving it silkiness, shine and long-lasting frizz control.

Hair after discipline treatment appears uncurred, silky, soft to the touch and compound.

Scientifically proven results

Test data confirm that treatment eliminates 100% of the frizz effect. It is maintained over time, progressively decreasing with washes.

It reduces the volume of the hair and provides intense softness.

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