Organic, vegan, ecological products, with low pollution and their effect on the environment

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The difference between organic products and those that do not, is in the ingredients and manufacturing. The organic ones are composed of 100% natural products and extracts of them, while the typical and usual ones are created with preserves, parabens, silicones and a cocktail of chemicals, which lower the costs of manufacturing and mass distribution.

The rise of natural products in cosmetics in general is in the search for well-being and responsibility with the care of the environment.

We are noticing a very high number of customers happy with natural products such as shampoos, masks, oils, bar soaps, etc. Thanks to this demand, the cosmetic industries invest in improving the quality and effectiveness of these products, researching the components and their properties, in order to create the perfect solution for each type of skin and hair.

Also the packaging of the products reduce their plastic content by introducing recyclable materials, formulated with sugar cane avoiding petroleum derivatives and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Vegan products in cosmetics are those that do not contain ingredients of animal origin or derived from them. Even most (not all) have not been tested on animals.

Most of the consumers of these products are people who have great sympathy with animal life, do not consume meat and therefore choose to use them.

It is a giant global market and not all have a certificate that proves their authenticity and veracity about whether they are organic, vegan or not tested on animals. Here we show you links of the most important.

ICEA ICEA vegan certificate Certificado vegano

ECOCERT ECO Certification Certificado ecologico

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