Organic smoothed taninoplasty treatment.

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The Tanino Therapy line contains in its composition Taninoplasty. It is an organic active Tannin, the first in the world, created for various treatment protocols.

It is the balance between nature and technological advancement that transforms tannin plant matter into an organic bioactive that works as a protein binder, promoting adhesion and absorption of any treatment to fiber.

Proceeds: Antiseptic




Protein catalyst





Concentrated and efficient formula of fast application, without damaging the hair fiber.

It acts as a protein network next to the intercellular cement of the cortex, providing the desired shape and guaranteeing a natural and shiny smoothness. 100% effectiveness.

Indication: Straightening for all types of hair that reduces volume naturally, preserving and treating the hair.

Result:Taninoplasty allows the hair to receive post-process treatments. Straightening is the second process in the treatment, during a pause of 30 minutes and the product is absorbed by the hair, depositing essential actives, filling the fissures of the fiber, providing resistance, replenishment of mineral salts and hydrolipidic actives that help water retention and return hydration. When activated with heat, the components adhere to the fiber providing complete smoothing, reflecting more brightness and strength.

Process time: 2h30min.

Duration of treatment:6 months.


It does not offer risk to the health of the client and the professional.

Dermatologically tested and approved product.

100% organic product without chemical preservatives.

It can touch the scalp without causing irritation.

International bio-safety and health registrations and standards.

Official website: Salvatore cosmetics

Salon that makes it:Jagger stylists, Madrid, Avenida de Albufera 222, local 2. C.p: 28038 Phone: 910514667

Tanino moisturizer

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