Discover Hairlab, a new range of Salerm

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Hairlab reimagined some of Salerm's classic formulas to incorporate them into a single new line, while expanding the references for all hair types and needs. Each of the products has been carefully crafted and supervised by laboratory experts.

The formulas contain selected ingredients to provide strong, radiant and healthy hair.


  • Up to 51% less plastic in packaging. Dyes are eliminated and packaging is improved for easier recycling.
  • Larger formats.
  • Renovation. All ranges have been rearranged for a more optimal and complete service.
  • Certified and tested products. Formulas enriched with natural and highly effective ingredients.

Divided into several categories:

  • A: Aqua infusion: Moisturizing and anti-frizz, softer and silkier hair.
  • L: Liss control: Perfect, frizz-free straightening. It disciplines the hair and offers thermal protection.
  • C: Color longer: Prolongs the duration of the color. More brightness and luminosity.
  • P: Protein force: Repairs and nourishes. Prevents split ends and hair breakage.
  • V: Volume up: Immediate volumizing effect. It adds body and volume to fine hair.
  • S: Scalp solution: Soothing and protective. It cleanses, soothes and balances the sensitive scalp.
  • D: Dandruff: Anti dandruff. Purifies the scalp by controlling dandruff.
  • E: Energy: Hair stimulant. Improves strength and controls hair loss.
  • T: Pro-tech: Maintenance of treatments. Special for technical services.Salerm hair lab productos

Manufacture: Spain.

Official website:

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